Padma Aon is a multimedia creator, writer and sacred sound artist bringing together ancient and modern in a global context for today.

Padma’s books are drawn from the sacred traditions he has been Initiated into. They include: The Power of Shakti, Womb Wisdom, Sacred Relationships (Inner Traditions), the much loved The Christ Blueprint, The Nine Eyes of Light: Ascension Keys from Egypt (NAB/Random House), Dimensions of Love (O Books).

Since 1997, he has taught in over 20 countries worldwide.

Padma is a Master of Sacred Sound and has a gift in translating the art and science of vibration, creating immersions that are moving and alchemical. As a globally distributed music producer Padma has performed worldwide, producing two albums for Sub Rosa/BMG: Rhythmic Intelligence, and Song of Light. His two latest Albums, Life Cycles and Music for Christ Consciousness, are available online.

His TV work involved co-discovering the first ever found mummified Tibetan Lama for Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy, (Discovery Channel 01), and narrating the documentary Sounds of the Soul about the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music for Peabody Winner Stephen Olssen, which showed at Cannes and SunDance.

As a multi- media producer he created original content based on the sacred sites of the world for the Moscow Youth Olympics, and created animated soundscapes based on Names of God from five different sacred languages for the ONE Project, which played in theatres and festivals in UK, USA and New Zealand. He has appeared on BBC RadioOne, Dreamland Radio, H20 Radio Network, XLR8R, Straight No Chaser, Variety, Spirit and Destiny, Kindred Spirit amongst others.

Padma creates from the fruits of his many travels and direct experience in many worlds, East and West. Padma supports the environment by leading large groups to culturally significant and sacred sites worldwide for the last 20 years on 5 continents.