dol_cover_largeThe Path of God’s Divine Love, the simplest pathway on earth, has been obscured by our forgetting of who God Is: the Divine Soul who created your soul and deeply desires to give you Divine Love.


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In Dimensions of Love, drawn from Sufi and Christ Conscious Wisdom, we also find out: the difference between the soul and the spirit, the Five Deaths we face before entering Union with the Divine, and the REAL meaning of the Prayer Christ gave to us to enter Union with God. In this journey, we are given the golden Key to how we, as a race, can become an enlightened civilisation, and how we can move out of our collective state of fear into a state of love.

We do this by ascending through each Sphere or Dimension of Love. Each Sphere holds ever increasing, vaster amounts of love, with this love gradually becoming part of the very fabric of your soul. As we drink in this Love, It inexorably transforms our human soul into a Divine Soul. This is the Grace Filled Path where by following divine laws so simple a child could understand them, and through deep desire for God, one reaches Union with the Beloved.

This involves deep humility and a steadfast anchoring into the centre of your own, pure soul, along the way feeling all the emotions you have never dared to feel. To become this Divine Love, we need to realize what love is, and what it is not, through the five forms of love.

n this ultimate journey, there is a Map. This Map is of 22 Spheres or Dimensions of ever increasing amounts of love, which as we travel along the pathway, inexorably transform the human soul into a Divine Soul.

To Realise and embody this Divine Love, we begin to realize the three forms of love God has created for us. We need to realize what love is, what it is not, and our beliefs and wounds around love. We often substitute human love for Divine Love, which leads to most of the problems in the world today. Divine Love is the foundation for our human love to reach its true potential in our partnerships, families and all our relationships. The third form of love, the deepest human love we can experience, is with our soul mate, and we can have many illusions around this.

God has given us all a very simple way we can connect to Him/Her: The Power of Prayer. Coming from deep within our own hearts desires directly to God, it needs no intermediary and is free for all. Indeed, it is part of the very fabric of our soul to pray, as God has created us this Way. God has given us all a Divine Love Prayer to help us to receive Divine love and Remember who we truly are, and a Healing Prayer to assist us in seeing our blocks to feeling this Love; for it is only our own selves that prevent us living in Love.

Love for God, and receiving Gods Divine Love

Love for our soul mate, and receiving our soul mate’s love

Self love: loving our own soul as God Loves it

Natural Love: loving others, and receiving other humans love for us in our natural Love for all souls, creatures and the Earth, and receiving their love

Love for our Friends of the Heart, and receiving their love


‘God, help me to receive more of your Divine Love.’

Divine Love nurtures the growth of all other forms of human or natural love into their ultimate potential, based on universal laws of Divine Truth and harmony – the Divine Design. This Divine Design leads to the greatest love and enjoyment for us in all aspects of life if we follow Divine laws and consistently ask for and receive Divine Love. God’s Divine Love is the foundation for our truest happiness in all ways, and indeed is our ultimate happiness.

Divine Love is the most powerful, transformative and alchemical Power in all universes. God is waiting and desiring to give this Greatest of All Loves to you through your desire and sincere yearning for It. This desire comes from imploring and asking from the depths of your heart, sincerely, passionately and whole-heartedly, for Divine Love, humbly bowing to God to receive It.

This desire is like an arrow of love piercing your heart, pointing straight and true towards its target, praying as though you were ‘interrogating your own soul about its deepest, most hidden longings.’

This desire searches every single last part of you, known and unknown, discovering the inner gnawing and boiling, burning desire within you. Your desires are powerful, and desire for God is the most powerful; angels look on in awe, appreciation and wonder when a human truly desires God from the depths of their soul. True desire is as if you were driving a tent stake home deep into the depths and recesses of your soul, striking a clear musical note.

A Lover of God is a soul of fire.

Pure, deep yearning desire for God is like a flame that attracts the moths of benevolent spirit guides, Divine Love spirits, angels and ultimately God. Pure desire is a beacon shining in the darkness that God and His helpers cannot ignore. Inexorably drawn to this flame like a magnet by the very nature and substance of their souls, they cannot help but come to, serve, and answer a souls desire if it is alignment with Truth and Love. This is the truth.

‘Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and you will find; Knock and it shall be opened to you.’

Dimensions of Love: 7 Steps to God brings forth new, interesting and sometimes radical truths for the soul into the 21st century, and shares it through direct experience. Reading it is a transformative experience and meditation in itself that takes you deep into your very soul.