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Lucifer’s Lullaby

Interview with Author Padma Aon, by Dia Nunez, H20 Network

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It’s time to go beyond the legend.

lucifers_lullabyLucifer’s Lullaby, available here as an ePUB ebook, is a sensuous journey into the secret life and hidden histories of Archangel Lucifer. It follows the adventures throughout history of the most brilliant, powerful and misunderstood of all Archangels

Falsely labeled as Satan, blamed for the fall of Adam and Eve, vilified as Prometheus, now Lucifer has returned to earth to help save humanity from itself. There is only one problem. He has forgotten who he is! He has become human.

From the ghettos of London to the badlands of Afghanistan, from ancient Israel to the black heart of Africa, Lucifer quests to Remember who he is, leading his colourful band of apostles to battle the most chilling adversary of all time: Satan. Along the way, he joins with old friends Christ, Merlin, Thoth and Lilith in a series of dazzling dialogues to realize he is not the repository of all things shadowy and evil, but The Light Bearer for all humankind.

Will this journey complete him … or will it destroy us all?

From clubs to bedrooms, black holes to quantum dimensions, sex, soul and beyond, Lucifer’s Lullaby humorously lays bare myths that have shaped the last two thousand years in a fast paced, page-turning adventure.

Misunderstood until now, Lucifer is the angel most like us. He is the Return of the Prodigal Son, a tale of remembrance and an inspired vision of the potential we all hold. Extensively researched, Lucifer’s Lullaby is a fusion of alchemy and magic, drawing on our cultural wisdom throughout the ages in a tale that shows us our real past, and who we can become.

Lucifer’s Lullaby: A journey into the heart and mind of Archangel Lucifer.

For rebel angels everywhere.