power_of_shakti_bookPower of Shakti is a book of hope and healing. It gives us the keys to heal the old wound resulting from the repression of the feminine power of the world. The emasculation of women which I call ‘the anti-ecstatic conspiracy’. The Power of Shakti offers a splendid way to liberate oneself on a personal as well as planetary level from the shackles of the anti ecstatic conspiracy. I recommend this book as a ‘must read’…”

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Margot Anand, Author : The Art of EveryDay Ecstasy.

“Padma Aon Prakasha is a rare find. He has the unique ability to transport your body, mind and soul to the next octave of consciousness with his words of wisdom, heartfelt questions, and vast love for everyone he meets. Padma’s ability to tap into the heart of the ancient mysteries and to articulate their modern day message to we humans is amazing. His latest work, The Power of Shakti, is revolutionary and is bound to open the gates that have kept us from our true power as both men and women. Reading this material or attending his seminars and retreats will rock your world and monumental change is always imminent once being in his presence.”

Linda Star Wolf, Founding Director of Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, Co Author of Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, Shamanic Shakti, and The Anubis Oracle Deck.

The innovative practice designed for both women and men to access and enhance the inner power of the Divine

  • Reveals how to activate your sacred sexual self and find your soul mission
  • Shows how to access the wisdom of the Galactic Center
  • Explains why men need The Power of Shakti to connect with the Divine Masculine

Shakti is the Divine Feminine life force that ceaselessly manifests, creates, and activates. Igniting this living power within us is the key for both men and women to achieve union, harmony, and peace.

Uniting the forms of Tantra Yoga found in Indian, Tibetan, and Hebrew sacred traditions, Padma Aon Prakasha reveals how to activate the power of Shakti by opening the 18 energetic pathways of The Power of Shakti. The Circuit begins by galactic energy entering the body at the Alta Major chakra, located on the back of the head. Traveling down the spine through the root chakra, the Circuit passes through the Seven Gates of the Womb. It then draws energy from the ovaries, kidneys, and breasts into the Circuit as it moves up the front of the body to link the sexual center and the heart center. From the heart, the energy completes the Circuit by traveling to the third eye and back to the Alta Major starting point to reveal the All-seeing eye.

Centered on the womb in women and the hara in men, The Power of Shakti links the soul, body-mind, emotions, and chakras to the power and loving wisdom of the Galactic Center. In addition to in-depth practice instructions, the author includes the insights and experiences of both men and women as they activate the power of Shakti. The Power of Shakti shows that clearing all 18 pathways of The Power of Shakti enables us to activate our sacred sexual self and find our soul mission.

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