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Holy Desire


I, Mary Magdalene, open a door to holy desire, and holy love. As soulmate and twin flame to Yeshua, our alchemical union played a crucial role in igniting and grounding the body of Christ light into earth.

My burning desire to give all, both to my flame and to God through the marriage of  human and divine, forged me into a transparent vessel both to Yeshua as a man, and Yeshua as the Christ. Through this complete vulnerability I found myself, in Self-knowledge and unconditional love.

It was holy desire that ignited my love to complete my mission, and it was love that then mastered me.

Holy desire always wants to embrace all aspects of the heart, from the most universal and impersonal to the most deeply intimate and personal heart, allowing all the possibilities for love in its infinite expressions. In this, the truth that Christ gave to me was made real: to love one being fully, completely and unconditionally, is to love the whole of humanity.

Here, giving and receiving love melts into one and the same flow.
We give in order to give, not give in order to receive.

Holy Desire

As a guardian of sacred relationship, I ask all those interested in the purpose of Tantra and sacred sexuality, which is to reach Self Realization, to raise their vibration to that of unconditional love, and to practice this first and foremost. This is the essence of the practice, and then the worship in the bedroom can continue everywhere else also.

Sacred sensuality leads into orgasmic levels of passionate presence, free flowing life fuelled by holy desire. Holy desire is a wanting, an inner burning that propels you, fuels you to keep moving forwards towards God. Holy desire is not motivation; it is the deep inner yearning of the soul that can never be stopped, that does not change, or waver. Holy desire is passion, passion for the soul, passion for God, passion to fulfill the souls deepest urge and yearning, which is always to merge into God. To desire oneness is to live in this passion, always open to following this thread wherever it may appear, and wherever it may take you.

Nothing can be achieved without the energy of desire. Desire lies behind every thought, action and word we utter. It sparks the will to do, to move, to live; it is life in action, linking us to divine will, as desire fuels will. Holy desire makes us give our all. It makes us place our very soul at the altar of God to be asked to do what God Wills through us, for the souls keenest desire is to be reunited with God, in the bridal chamber of the heart, in sacred relationship.

If you do not desire, you are not moving towards anything. Desire is the energy that makes all things grow, flower, and bloom. It enables the soul to expand and reach for the infinite, and to surrender to the infinite when it comes, despite the fears that may arise. Holy desire never ends, as God never ends. The universe is always expanding, as is the soul, as is desire. The souls desire for love, for God, can never be completely fulfilled. It is ongoing. The souls very fabric is made of desire, as there is always more God to want, more God to desire.

Holy desire is the beating heart of the soul; it is the life force of the soul, the souls blood. Without this blood flowing through the souls veins, we are lifeless, hollow. No matter how enlightened we become there is always more. In wanting this, and stating this, we let God know we want Her, and God can respond.

Want God. Tell Him so, every day. Holy Desire is the life force, the golden thread that connects you and God. The more you amplify the voltage going through this thread, the more God will sit up and take notice, and actually send you more of Him through this thread.

Holy desire leads to love, for holy desire is the love of God expressing itself, for no other reason than this is what it must do, for this is its very nature. True desire is unwavering. It is grounded, constant, and consistent. The only thing that can fulfill a souls thirst is to drink God, and drink God constantly.

There is only one desire, for there is only one soul. All other desires that we think we may have are merely substitutes, or steps along the way, to becoming devoted to the underlying desire behind all desires, that has always existed, and will ever exist; the desire to love, and be loved. This is how we have all been created. We are the effect of Gods desire to extend love to all of creation.

Therefore we have to re channel our desire into what we are created for, and what we truly are. In this we realign ourselves to our innate nature, we realign our vital force back to the source of our creation. When we realign to this holy desire, we realign ourselves to the One that creates us all, and in this we allow holy desire to carry us. This desire has been re educated and stripped of its artificial coverings and manipulations for your neediness, to come into its natural, original wholeness.

Judgment and fear blocks desire, or re-channels its energy into other purposes, other goals. Judgment of who we are, and what life is about. Fear has been used to dampen desire, and repression and manipulation of desire shackles humanity’s innate drive and ability to love.

When the flow of desire is blocked, we start to die. When we forget our passions, and allow them to fall by the wayside, then we lose a part of ourselves. Death of desire and passion is the death of the soul, a death that only a profound shake up can then reignite. For Love is the purpose of desire, and love is the extension of this desire into creation, into how we have been created.

Holy desire can be an intense force, sensual, powerful, passionate and overwhelming. This is why many fear it, the fear being that once it is released you will not be able to control it, as it leads to the overflowing of Life through you. When we live in holy desire we cannot be controlled, for we flow in Life itself. We can however choose when we allow the tap of desire to open, what effects and manifestations it will have, or how we choose to act on any wave of desire flowing through us.

This is why many religions have warned about the evils of desire, equating it with lust and greed. These are distortions of the original loving force of holy desire, that creates out of Self-delight, and for joy.

Desire grows through intimacy, intimacy grows through desire. The more intimate we become with each other, the more we desire and want to know more, and have more.

Intimacy, conversing with God and Beloved daily, leads to more opening, more revelation, and more being given. Intimacy leads to the deepest of wounds being exposed, if both parties are available for it. Anyone can be intimate in the depths at any moment if you are but willing to be open to this possibility. Wounds may cover desire and intimacy, but they cannot stop you from expressing these qualities in a moment of opening. Being available to this opening is all that it takes.

Be intimate with God. Desire God. Redirect all your desires towards this. Want God like a lover, deep inside you. Make love with God in his dance; show God your desire to be possessed by Him or Her. Always want more of God; let this be your prayer everyday.