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Have you ever considered why the Egyptians have had such an impact on humanity?

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Egypt is the heart and soul of the Western world, culture, and civilization. Its wisdom has been covered over and forgotten, lost in the dusts of history and power, consigned to ancient memories of wonder and awe at their achievements, intense scholarly debate about how and why they did what they did, and superstition amongst spiritualists and magicians.

It is by following the lead of Egyptian genius that many of Europe’s greatest cathedrals were built, with entire cities like Paris, Washington, London, Philadelphia, and even Nashville, Tennessee built on Egyptian guidelines. Much of the mathematics, alchemy, astronomy, astrology and philosophy that were revered in Greece came from Egypt, and even the American dollar bill has the Egyptian eye and pyramid emblazoned proudly on it. In a more spiritual vein, Christ and many of his disciples were taught in Egypt, blending these teachings to create Gnostic Christianity and the basis of the Knights Templar. Much of the Goddess culture too was last established on a large scale in Egypt as well, before the downfall of the matriarchy there. One could say that the Egyptians have connected into, shared common wisdom with, and impacted our culture on almost every level.

The basis of the Egyptian art and science of the soul are the Nine Bodies of Light, also known as the Nine Eyes of Light. These Nine are the ruling principles that form the basis of Egyptian spirituality, culture, art and their world view: how the Egyptian culture navigated through life. To the Egyptians, just as we have our physical body, so, too, do we have eight other bodies that are just as real in other dimensions or wavebands of vibration. These additional non-physical bodies allowed them to sense, feel, navigate and create the many astounding feats of technology, science, and spirituality that still baffle us today.

These Nine are interpenetrating subtle bodies, layers of light, thought, feeling, colour and vibration emanating out from the physical body into our planet, our solar system, and into the Galaxy, back to the Source of where the Egyptians felt their home was: Sirius, Orion, and the Galactic Centre. According to Egyptian legend there are nine crystal spheres underneath the Sphinx that map out the Nine Bodies, or nine lenses of consciousness. This can be seen readily by simply drawing nine different concentric circles, with each lens of consciousness having its own specific formation within these circles. Each circle can be accessed to provide a way of interpreting reality, a way of navigating through life.

In practice, many of us are naturally using some of these lenses, but not all of them. Many other traditions hint at the workings of these light bodies, however the Egyptians were perhaps the clearest and most precise in applying how they worked in order to build an awakened civilisation, something that is particularly pressing at this point in history as we race into 2012 and beyond. This basis for an awakened civilization arises from a holographic understanding of how life operates, and how we function as part of much larger holograms, such as our planet, solar system, and beyond.

The Nine effectively create and operate a holographic reality. Source uses all of the Nine at different times to experience, and create, reality. This, too, is how we are designed to operate: as a cocreative part of Source, here on Earth, by understanding that we are each composed of the Nine. One got to ‘Know thyself’ by experiencing and becoming the Nine in physical form, with this journey leading into every facet of human and divine experience in order for you to become ‘A Shining One,’ a temple for Hu, or Spirit, to live in.

Each one of us is composed of the Nine different bodies or eyes. Each of the Nine are in relationship to each other, and when all Nine become known to each other through the lens of the conscious soul they create a fully conscious Human Being. In this full communication of all bodies, one could become enlightened, embodying spirit or light into matter, thus ending the cycle of reincarnation. This was the crux of the Egyptian mysteries: for the soul to become fully embodied and Realized whilst on earth in the physical form.

Egyptian alchemy is the root of Gnostic Christian wisdom and practices, an alchemy in which the baser, grosser elements of mind, body and spirit are refined to realize and embody conscious, empowered, loving wisdom. As this alchemy progresses through the Nine Bodies, a soul body and immortal body is created that carries individual consciousness beyond physical mortality into the immortal bodies of light.

This Realization of subtler and subtler layers of refined conscious expression and unconditioned love was the basis of their civilization at its height. This alchemy of consciousness harmonized the physical bodies with the psychic and spiritual bodies to allow the full descent of light into physical form. Igniting these Nine within you was the journey of life and death: uniting them all was to enter into eternal life.

The Egyptians interacted with nature in a more precise and advanced way than we do today based on the understanding of how the Nine apply to all life, from the most esoteric to the most mundane. Universal laws are simply that, universal laws, and the Egyptians lived in harmony with these laws as a living language or key. This language was used to establish two-way communication with the archetypal forces of creation, all of which were observed and seen in nature, and then applied to human affairs. In our forgetting of these natural laws that underpin our planet, our bodies, and our energy fields, we have forgotten the essential nature of who we are.

In gaining deeper knowledge about anything or anyone, it is wisest to access information about its principles on the causal level, from which the form is derived. Once this is understood and harnessed, we are able to influence, and work harmoniously with the principles that underlie both nature, and ourselves. Within all Nine lie our DNA codes, mapped by the forms of the 64 DNA codons, known in Egypt as the Families of the 64 Neters, or Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. These Neters are the principles and powers of nature, the living archetypes and harmonics of light that weave together the threads of the fabric of life.

This union comes about through a process known to the Egyptians as Osirification. This process unites all parts of one’s self into a living temple that could allow Source to be Present within it. According to the Egyptian texts, we then have a complete body, where every internal organ and limb are in their perfected state. Such a Being possesses their power, their heart-soul, their Ka or double, and “ their spirit which was the head of all the spirits. ”

This uniting entails many changes in consciousness, for if we change one body of light then all of them change, linking up like cogs in a machine to work in unison. This then was the purpose of the Nine: to create a unified body-mind and heart-soul, based on an infinite framework of sacred geometry that connected the individual to the eternal and immortal bodies of light, creating a new type of Human Being.

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