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The experience of the Nine is not linear: it is holographic, and we can move from one to the other without judgment, or hierarchy.

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A hologram is a photographic picture that is composed of a great number of small parts, all of which contain the picture as a whole. When we break up the hologram in many pieces, we end up with many small but complete pictures of the whole. Poetically speaking, we can take the ocean as another example of a holographic reality: since the ocean is nothing but water we can say that the ocean is contained in every drop. Similarly, a ray of the Sun contains the Sun itself. A similar situation we find in a seed: the entire structure of the tree is contained in it. Stronger even: all future generations of the tree are contained in a single seed.

An equally striking example of a holographic reality we find in ourselves: every cell of our body contains the complete information about the entire mind-body system. Each of the 100 billion cells that make up the body contains the complete version of the original DNA, that was the source of the entire body! All levels of creation are analogous to each other, simply because each level of creation is an expression of the whole of creation, interpreted through a different vibratory lens.

If we understand what the tiny lines on the palm of our hand have to say, we would understand our past, our present and our future. If we really know what these tiny spots in the iris of our eyes have to say, we would know the whole condition of our mind, body and soul. If we understand what the tiny sparks of light in the sky have to say, we would understand the past, present and future of our life, and of the creation as a whole. All life forms, all human beings, all animals are a portal point into the total process: each being contains the whole.

Here we see that the ancient dictum “As above, so below” is just one application of a more general holographic principle: “As it is anywhere, so it is everywhere.” Only a 360° openness of awareness will sponsor the refined perception that is needed to see “the tree in the seed,” the future in the present, or to see the universe in a grain of sand.

As we integrate the holographic reality and union of the Nine, multi tasking in multiple dimensions, not just in one, becomes commonplace. One looks after the children, does the cooking, pays the bills and sees holograms at the same time. Time is seen as a form of energy, virtually unlimited. We grasp the essence of a subject, article or book quickly, and access instant knowing. We recognise other languages without having learnt them by working with their energy fields. Symbols and art are used to access other dimensions to download knowledge and increase our feeling/ intuitive capacities. What once took months to learn can now happen in days as we learn on multiple levels simultaneously. Our creativity increases exponentially in multiple fields as we tap into vast pools of wisdom lying latent within us, that once were separate, but are now united.

The Nine are different language streams that coalesce to create a whole Human being. To see through all Nine and integrate them is to experience Life through Nine different viewpoints, attitudes, feelings, perceptions, and states of consciousness at different moments in order to reveal the whole You. Most people do not see through more than three or four of these lenses during one day … to see through all of them is to be a multi dimensional being. The Nine are shining keys for us today to learn how Egypt managed to maintain a multidimensional civilization in Remembrance and communication with all parts of its self, with all parts of its body.

The Nine predate and gave birth to present day subtle body categories, serving as a map of holistic or holographic communication. What is explored in this book is an easy-to-understand, experiential knowledge of the original Nine lenses. Trying to box them into astral body, causal body et al can seem to be an appropriate and even wise move. How ever, even though they incorporate some aspects of these modern definitions, the Nine go well beyond contemporary descriptions of the subtle bodies.

This wisdom has become fragmented and misunderstood, despite the best efforts of modern scholars, Egyptologists and spiritualists to piece it all together. The Egyptian light bodies are the culmination of love, power and wisdom that can only be known by experiencing them, and their shadows. Researching, writings and records give some clues and pointers, but it is only by going into the Egyptian arts and sciences of sacred geometry, breath, sound, light, meditation and sexual energy that one can understand what the Nine are, and how they interconnect. One has to live them day-by-day, experiencing their unique voices, lessons and nuances, and how they work in your life and relationships.

Pieces of the original Egyptian wisdom have been found preserved from the Americas to Australia, India and Tibet. This global seafaring culture has spread its wings far and wide indeed, and as you can see from this rock carving on the Australian coast, about two hours drive north of Sydney, they have left evidence of themselves everywhere.

In working with each of the Nine, we work on each part of ourselves. Having this map to guide us, we can journey and embody our highest potentials, as the ancient Egyptians did, and many still do today. Some of the greatest Beings on Earth have used this wisdom in order to transform themselves, such as Thoth, Akhnaton, Magdalene, Isis, Pythagoras, John the Beloved, Christ, and many others. So you are in good company.

Any potential for transformation occurs through awareness. When reading through each of the Nine, be honest, open and aware. Which of the Nine do you still need to encounter, heal, and merge with fully? What resistance do you have to embodying each one? What do you need to let go of, to do this? The awareness that all Nine exist within you, to be used at any time, means that you become a fully responsible co-creator with Source, on Earth, here in your body, now.

Contemplate this for a moment. Heaven on earth is a perception, a holographic perception unveiled when you realize what lies inside you as an experiential fact you can feel every day. This is an amazing and wondrous reality that we take for granted. At their height, this is how the Egyptians lived, creating an awakened civilization from the basis of the Nine Eyes of Light. May it bless and illuminate you into creating a new and brighter future for us all.