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We are alive in tumultous times where we are experiencing other realities through the thinning veils of the dimensions. Deeply relevant to what we are experiencing today are keys hidden in the Egyptian tradition, which served as the foundation for their awakened civilization. In The Nine Eyes of Light, author Padma Aon brings these nine ways through which the Egyptians saw and created reality from, into easy language relevant to our times, so we may learn from the Egyptian masters how to live, create, and shift consciousness multi-dimensionally.

These lenses are the viewpoints from which one of the most advanced civilizations Earth has ever seen created from. They include:

  • Khat/Aufu: Your Physical Body and its Connection to Earth and Light
  • Ka: Your Vital Individual Power, and Holographic Connection to Soul
  • Shew: Your Shadow as a Gateway to Source
  • Ren: The Science of Vibration, Sound, and Perception
  • Ab: The Human Heart, the Heart’s Desires, and Heart Intelligence
  • Ba: The Soul & Divine Child: Connector Between Individual and Universal Soul
  • Sekhem: Willpower, Bliss, and the Fuel for Love
  • Sahu: The Immortal Body Where One Embodies Light Physically
  • Akhu: God Consciousness, Which Permeates All the Other Light Bodies

The Nine are interpenetrating subtle bodies, layers of light, thought, feeling, colour and vibration emanating out from your physical body into our planet, our solar system, and into the Galaxy, back to the Source of where the Egyptians felt home was: Sirius, Orion, and the Galactic Centre, the Source of our Galaxy.

In practice, many are using some of these lenses, but not all of them. In his latest work, Padma Aon shares that the experience of the Nine is not linear: it is holographic, and we can move fluidly from one to the other without judgment, or hierarchy. As we integrate all Nine, multitasking in multiple dimensions, not just in one, becomes commonplace. One looks after the children, does the cooking, pays the bills and sees holograms and complex wisdoms at the same time. Time is seen as a form of energy, virtually unlimited. What once took months to learn can now happen in days as we learn on multiple levels simultaneously. Our creativity increases exponentially in multiple fields as we tap into vast pools of wisdom lying latent within us, that once were separate, but unite through the Nine Eyes.

The Nine Eyes create and unite the physical and spiritual worlds. Just as we have our physical eyes and body, so too do we have other eyes and bodies that are as real in other dimensions. These other eyes or bodies allow us to sense, feel, navigate and unify all parts of our self. This unification is the unfolding of your journey into every facet of human, and divine, experience into becoming ‘A Shining One,’ a living temple for Hu or Spirit to live in.

Reading The Nine Eyes of Light is an exploration into the many modes of our being. We can:

  • Transform our physical bodies into bodies of light
  • Increase our power and life force, and deepen our meditations
  • Deepen Tantric practices
  • Use our shadows as vehicles of empowerment
  • Learn how we and the Earth share the same body
  • Benefit from meditating on the sacred geometries of the Light Body Chakra Blueprints; the Christ Conscious geometries of the Soul and Divine Child
  • Open and purify our hearts through the timeless Laws of the Pure Heart
  • Tap into the four stages of sound vibration as used in Egyptian sound healing
  • Discover the Universal Bodies known by the Egyptian Masters
  • Explore and utilise the layers of the Djed Spine to directly embody more light
  • Benefit from meditations on the Ka Body of Osiris
  • Access secret wisdom about Anubis, the ‘first’ Christ and original Sphinx
  • Learn about the holographic lens of our Soul: how the soul perceives and creates

The Nine Eyes of Light is a complete volume of ancient Egyptian knowledge made contemporary and practical. It is richly illustrated with rare, customised art from artists and scientists worldwide, not available elsewhere. These Ascension Keys from Egypt also include many ascension tips, along with a wealth of wisdom on how to embody spirit and become a ‘new’ type of Human Being, as we race into 2012 and beyond.

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