The Shakti Circuit, by Padma Aon Prakasha

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The Shakti Circuit


The 18 Pathways are Pathways of love, power, and wisdom flowing through the female body that connect you from the physical world through the many dimensions of consciousness into the womb, the Grail Within. All of these dimensions, and ways of relating and being are held within you, as is their origin, the Grail, the Source of all consciousness. The body is the gateway to the universal womb, the Grail, and each woman holds this gateway within them, through their own womb.

Each of the 18 Pathways lead to certain states of consciousness that you can experience for yourself, and each of the 18 Pathways is a physical point in the body that acts as a bridge, a connector, between your soul, your body-mind, and your emotions. When all 18 Pathways are cleared and merged together as one flow, one experiences the essence of deep, feminine meditation. Isis; the awakened woman in her power, in her body, in her sexuality, in her full expression as loving life-force, allowed to flow, allowed to rest, and allowed to be the presence of love.

The 18 Pathways are how Divine Woman, or the Grail within you, transforms energy. Each step, each pathway, has to be met and mastered; and then you surrender, and allow it to master you. Each pathway transforms you. Without encountering, mastering, and being mastered by all 18, Isis cannot be embodied within you, for the 18 Pathways are the means to enter the womb: how to realize and embody Isis.

Magdalene and the Priestesses of Isis have practiced and embodied the 18 Pathways for many thousands of years. These 18 Pathways form much of the essence of the Isis Mystery School teachings, and are being revealed now to ignite the renaissance of the Divine Feminine on earth, for we are ready to receive them again. And this is what the Isis Mystery School was created for, to reveal to all women who entered its hallowed portals how to become Isis, and indeed to create more women as Isis itself.

A woman who knows her power has in her hands the key to her own happiness and success. The source of this power lies within the flowering and ignition of the energetic circuit of the 18 Pathways. In today’s world, you can now access these 18 in order to change any energy within you, and energy that comes to you, through your womb. Any potential for transmuting energy, or changing relationships, patterns, and ways of being, occurs through being aware that there is a duality present in that moment. This can lead to a choice to dissolve that duality by using any of the 18 Pathways. This can be done in your own meditation, in relation ship, or with a group of friends. You have the power, in the moment, to do this at any time. AT ANY TIME.

Duality is an artful reminder of how we can be whole. When we are reminded of duality in our own life, thoughts, actions and relationships, we are reminded also of our own innate nature of unity. Duality becomes our greatest ally, our greatest friend, in serving to show us the moments when we are not aligned to love. We then have the wonderful opportunity to realign ourselves by correcting our mind. Duality becomes the ultimate tool for remembering who we really are, and what we can be, by becoming aware of these moments, these gateways, where any of the 18 Pathways can open the door to love. It is through relationship that the possibilities for this transformation lie most readily and easily accessible.

Each of the 18 are guardians that are encountered along the Way into fully opening the Pathways of Isis and the Grail Within. Without encountering, mastering, and being mastered by all 18, Isis cannot be embodied, for the 18 Pathways lead to the experience that the womb of all creation lies within the female body. The Grail lies within you. All the secrets of creation lie right in front of you, right within you, every single day.

Contemplate this for a moment; marvel at its beauty, at the extraordinary simplicity of what heaven on earth really means. Heaven on earth is a perception, a perception unveiled when we realize what lies right inside of us, not just as a metaphysical platitude and theory, but as experiential fact we can feel every day as the Pathways of Isis pulse, vibrate, and sway within you. The perfection of creation is that it all lies within us, not outside. This is an amazing, and wondrous reality that we take for granted.

The cosmic joke that Creation is having with us, at us looking outside of our own temple body to find truth, is a simple irony. If we truly knew that the universe lies within us in these 18 Pathways flowing as one, there would be an end to much seeking and striving, and the deepening of awakened relationships between man and woman.

The 18 Pathways are a series of portals and dimensional doorways lying within you that reveal all the constellations of the universe within your body. Close your eyes, and imagine this for a moment: all the stars, all the planets revolving inside your womb. Look down into your belly: can you see this?

Each time you do a Circuit of all 18 Pathways, the intensity of this constellation within you increases. You feed your light force by doing so. You open up to the universe within, and in so doing the universe without opens up as well as a living, manifesting force. At the same time, it increases the direct path of communication with Mother Earth, just as it had been used for thousands of years to keep us in harmony with the living Gaia, before the knowledge was lost, and women embodying it were killed.

As Yeshua said,‘When the inside and outside are one then you shall enter the Kingdom of God.’

Physically, the 18 Pathways open, purge, and regenerate you, dissolving old cellular memories and debris, recalibrating the physical to allow more life- flow into you. Emotionally, the 18 Pathways deepen this clearing, opening the doorways that have been sealed for a long time in the feminine subconscious, allowing more loving flow throughout your feelings. Mentally, the 18 Pathways bring you into the present moment, deleting old patterns, rewiring the mental body, and replacing the centre of gravity into its natural place: the womb. The 18 take the linear mind and shake it up, taking it out of the context of past story, and future hope or expectation, to dissolve into the present, now moment. The stories that you hold onto out of the pattern of need, and mindless chatter, can dissolve. Spiritually, the 18 Pathways lead to the womb, the map of consciousness, and the container of all consciousness.

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