The Christ Blueprint is an inspirational map given to us from the Apostles of Christ about the 13 qualities of Christ Consciousness. Eye opening and heart opening, it provides a deeper connection to the Christ within you.

The Christ Blueprint was revealed through Communion with the thirteen Apostles and Masters of the Christ Council at the first church in the world in Maries de la Mer, France, where many of the Apostles gathered and lived after Israel. Each of the 13 qualities of Christ Consciousness have their shadow and light sides, which when we experience them helps us see and fulfill within ourselves all the different qualities of Christ.

The Christ Blueprint is the first book to detail the hidden Lineages of Ancient Mothers and The Feminine Christ held by the quartet of Christed Women: Magdalene, Marie Salome, Martha and Mother Mary. They were Christs key supporters, and teachers of Womb Consciousness forgotten by history: yet their wisdom is now being revealed again.

Each of the 13 apostles represents an aspect of Christed Consciousness which they embodied in inter connected relationship. All 13 qualities create Christ Consciousness. 

Using the Christ Blueprint allows us to see and fulfill within ourselves all the aspects of Christ Consciousness. We have to embody each of the different qualities of Christ Consciousness, and which aspects of Christ Consciousness we need to integrate and work with. Of course, we all feel drawn to a few aspects in particular which are your strong points, the aspects you already know and love about yourself, which you feel comfortable with. This then becomes the foundation for you to explore the remaining qualities you have not yet integrated, and the shadows you are still living with. In this journey we become centered in the Self, fulfilling the Promise stated so clearly by Yeshua: You are Christ.