Padma Aon

Print Editions

The Power of Shakti

Shakti is the feminine life force that ceaselessly manifests, creates and activates. Igniting this living power within us is the key for both men and women to achieve vital harmony, empowered peace and sacred union. Uniting forms of Tantra Yoga found in Indian, Tibetan and Hebrew sacred traditions, Padma Aon reveals how to activate the power of Shakti by opening our 18 energetic pathways. Centered on the womb in women and the hara in men, Shakti links soul, body, emotions and sexual creative flow in potent experiential openings.


The Christ Blueprint

The Christ Blueprint is an inspirational map about the 13 qualities of Christ Consciousness. Eye opening and heart opening, it provides a deeper connection to the Christ within you. Each of the 13 qualities of Christ Consciousness have their shadow and light sides, which when we experience them helps us see and fulfill within ourselves all the different qualities of Christ. All 13 qualities create Christ Consciousness and Christ Yeshua integrated all these qualities in himself, showing us a way in which we can do the same, so fulfilling his Promise: You are Christ.


Dimensions of Love

Dimensions of Love: 7 Steps to God brings forth new and sometimes radical truths for the soul into the 21st century. In the souls journey, we all move through 7 Spheres or Dimensions. Each Sphere has clear signs, lessons, opportunities and emotions that show us where we really are on our souls journey, where we need to go and how to get there. The Sufis, Christ and St Theresa of Avila shared these seven steps, and in Dimensions of Love they are brought together to help us see what it takes for us to awaken today.


Womb Wisdom

Voted one of the Top 30 Books you must read, Womb Wisdom was the pioneer that catalysed the current resurgence in womb based practices and spirituality. In the past and in present-day indigenous traditions, women have known that the womb houses the greatest power a woman possesses: the power to create on all levels. This power can also be tapped into the birth of projects, careers, deep healing, spiritual growth and deeper relationships. The womb is the connector between women and the web of life, and we can learn again how to harness this immense creative potential to revolutionise how we live, heal and create.


Sacred Relationships

We are living in a time upon our planet when we are being called to reach deep inside to find the courage for undertaking an incredibly challenging and amazing act of creation— the birth of the Divine Human. This genesis is happening right now, all over the world: not just in humankind, but within all of life and Earth herself. We believe this shift is the answer to our crisis as well as the deepest meaning of it. The birth of the Divine Human is the key to our evolutionary destiny, and it happens through Sacred Relationship.