Sacred Wounds Original Innocence PDF Edition



Our soul’s wounds are our pathways back to our original innocence. Our wounds are our own unique perfect design, a synchronous sacred pattern that leads us back, without fail, into our own sovereign soul.

Our original innocence is our purity, which we return into after having fully felt all our human pleasures and pains, joys and sufferings, emotions and ecstasies. It is by fully embracing our humanity through the journey of life that we have the opportunity to enter into our twice born innocence.

This alchemical birthing journey takes us back into the arms of divine love and truth. In India this is known as the journey of the twice born, or dwija. Our first birth was from our physical mother, when we were innocent as babies, able to fully feel but not whole. Our second birth is our resurrection, embracing our wounds and unifying our humanity with the Divine.

The deepest wounds of our soul are our Original Six which distort our soul’s connection on archetypal, subconscious, genetic and primordial levels. These inter connected wounds lie behind many of the inexplicable and unexplainable issues we just cannot seem to get to the bottom of in our lives, no matter what we do. They form the basis of our separation from God and from Self-Realisation.

 As we courageously feel and release these deepest wounds, our soul’s sacred desires manifest faster. What we attract is deeper than what we even imagined our desires could be. This Great Shift births into being within us by freely embracing all our souls wounds, all the deepest emotions and pains we have never dared to feel, which hold the greatest gifts of all time for each and every one of us.

Along the Way, we rediscover:

  • Self-love – learning to love yourself as God loves you;
  • The Five Wounds to Love;
  • The Original split between male and female;
  • The Three Original forms of Love,
  • Lucifer’s Matrix: the emotional matrix we live in every day.

Our sacred wounds carve our pathway back to God, throughout all time. Our soul’s wounds are our birth canals and portals into wholeness. Feel them in their cause, and your soul will blossom into your untouched, original innocence.