Your 5 Life-Forces are the fuels for your vitality, mental health, and spiritual practices.
Everything is energy, and the 5 Life-Force Flows are how this energy works within you.


You can activate all these energies within you NOW.

The Maheshwara Sutra is Shiva’s holographic Creation of Everything, the original Yoga of Sound. Its 42 Sound Keys create 42 vibrational shifts within you, which can align you into the quantum blueprint of creation.


In this unique Online Course, you will unlock doors into sound that you never knew existed.


Within the Maheshwara Sutra are 14 Names of the Aham or The I AM. These Divine Names live within you: they are your Names, your divine qualities, your divine character and attributes. You come to own this, Know this, when you experience this face of the divine that you are within yourself.


Prerequisite: Registration becomes available when you have completed Shiva’s Hologram Course


The Body of Shiva Part 2 transmits the 8 remaining Divine Names AHAM I AM, giving you 3 months from the end of Body of Shiva 1 to deepen into the Divine Names you have been Initiated into. Some of these 8 Divine Names are the most powerful mergings into the Divine.

After experiencing the Body of Shiva 1, most people continue into The Body of Shiva 2.


The 7 Great Mantras of ‘’I AM’’ shared by Christ Yeshua are secret teachings hidden in plain sight, as the best secrets are.

The I AM Mantras are designed to guide you into the I AM: the gateway into pure consciousness, the One in all.