Beyond the guru mystique, a new generation of evolutionary guides is emerging. I recommend Padma Prakasha as a genuine spiritual coach who can help his clients to transmute what stands in the way of their Awakening. Padma’s transmissions hold the light and power of change and deep transformation … a sort of ‘cosmic’ re-adjustment that speeds up a person’s evolutionary process.


I had many questions; Who am I? What am I now? Who and what is God? What is the meaning of life and death? How can I ever be happy, grateful, joyous and spiritually oriented again? It was the dark night of my soul and there seemed no way out.

I made a vow to take this devastating life experience and transform myself through it for both myself, and for my son and others. I decided to travel the world and seek out master teachers who would provide me with lasting answers to my burning questions.

Padma Aon was one of my most significant and life-changing influences. Through his workshops, care, and deep love for truth, over a period of time, like a phoenix, my False-Self, burned in a blazing fire and walked out on the other side reborn to discover my True Self, my Eternal, core being. I will always be grateful for Padma Aon’s love, wisdom teachings and excellent books. If I was stranded on an island for life, I would need only one book to keep me above water and advancing spiritually for the rest of my life, The Christ Blueprint. Thank you Padma for sharing your Love with so many!


In the early 1970s I became a TM teacher and dedicated myself to my spiritual search. Since then I have been a student of teachers and gurus, taught within different spiritual organisations, learned a range of spiritual practices, and founded a Meditation Centre in the north of England.

When I first met Padma, his powerful energy field and discerning insights illuminated with stark clarity aspects of myself that I had consistently avoided and denied. But unlike many guides and teachers, Padma gave me the sacred keys and codes that enabled me to open to these wounds so I could finally embrace them, dissolve them in Love and realise the Truth of I AM. It was a process of total surrender and melt-down, but one that was sublime, exquisite and filled with Mystery.

Padma showed me the way to the Christ Light, the One Truth, where there is no division or experience of separation. How could I not be eternally grateful to him? I thank you Padma with all my heart for everything you’ve given me.


The American dream was not making me happy, and then a radical change occurred. I was introduced to Padma and my whole life changed. Already opening up to new ways of being and having the hunger to try everything – discovering it all, Padma showed me a radically different way of being. I was at the same time enthralled and extremely challenged to break out of the constructs of society’s norm. Never before had someone taken the time to really see me and show me how to discern truth for myself.

I initially followed and placed him on a pedestal and my life seemingly got worse. I gave my power away and realized that I needed to follow my own path. Almost as soon as I found my own feet, I recognized Padma as a true brother. The pedestal was gone and a real friendship – no matter the time or distance between meetings – was deeply and honorably rooted. Padma, you challenged me in love to see and discern what is not love, and how to take courageous actions even if it means going against the pressures of others in order to find personal integrity, sovereignty, and my own path with my soul. No one can ever take that away, and I continue to grow stronger, compassionate, more truthful and harbor a tremendous amount of gratitude for all lessons I have moved into and through.

My children can walk in the world with vulnerability and action knowing that they also have the power and tools to choose self responsibility. For this I cannot begin to express my gratitude for being able to pass this along so that they can succeed in life. My personal relationships are much more simple and I found the respect I used to crave by speaking the truth and owning all that comes up. If I had one wish it would be for everyone to know the embrace of this kind of love, stepping out of the small self, taking a step back into the bigger picture, then moving again from this vast spaciousness. Thank you for being a guide, a friend, a dear brother along my path.


Not only is it a profoundly healing read, but it is a delightful read. This book offers ancient ways to heal the places within and without where we feel separate and divided.


Bless Padma for all that he has given to me and keeps on giving. I want to express my sincere gratitude for all his guidance over the past three years. His direct and loving laser beam has illuminated many obstacles for me during the unfolding of my soul. I have found Padma to be very honourable and respectful toward me and my process, encouraging me and yet still allowing me to find my way in my own time. He has felt like a guardian to me and I affectionately think of Padma as a big cuddly bear watching over me! Without him I never would have reached the depth and capacity I now feel in my womb-heart and soul.


I know Padma and his work, re-remembering and writing on many forgotten lineages, since 2013. I can clearly say from my heart that he has changed a lot in me and my relationship to my soul, to my beloved, to my children and lastly to God basically to whole existence.

For the first time in my life I am feeling my body, my soul, my energy field and my purpose in life. Through him, his teachings I begin to live with Divine Love in Divine Truth and with Divine Truth in Divine Love. I am experiencing more and more with my beloved Aygun the heavenly feeling of Unconditional Love within our flourishing Divine Relationship. What a gift! Thanks Padma for your courage and brotherhood holding your male pillar in this 3D world and many other dimensions! Divine Truth will bring more Divine Love!


Padma is an excellent leader and mentor. He is clear, concise, and speaks directly to the Soul. His desire is for the soul to evolve, and nothing else. He holds great Power with equal amounts of Love to bring forth a guide that can cut through the illusion and also hold vast spaces of compassion and tenderness.


In these shifting times of planetary transformation, this book assists us in rediscovering our intimate connection to nature, the earth, and the cosmos.


Womb Wisdom speaks to the soul of all women, revealing ancient teachings that every girl should receive prior to her emergence into womanhood. Through beautiful poetic writing, the authors describe how the womb not only births children but also a woman’s spiritual potential, personal healing, and the ability to relate at the deepest level of intimacy. Offering powerful healing meditations, this is an essential read.