In the early 1970s I became a TM teacher and dedicated myself to my spiritual search. Since then I have been a student of teachers and gurus, taught within different spiritual organisations, learned a range of spiritual practices, and founded a Meditation Centre in the north of England.

When I first met Padma, his powerful energy field and discerning insights illuminated with stark clarity aspects of myself that I had consistently avoided and denied. But unlike many guides and teachers, Padma gave me the sacred keys and codes that enabled me to open to these wounds so I could finally embrace them, dissolve them in Love and realise the Truth of I AM. It was a process of total surrender and melt-down, but one that was sublime, exquisite and filled with Mystery.

Padma showed me the way to the Christ Light, the One Truth, where there is no division or experience of separation. How could I not be eternally grateful to him? I thank you Padma with all my heart for everything you’ve given me.