The American dream was not making me happy, and then a radical change occurred. I was introduced to Padma and my whole life changed. Already opening up to new ways of being and having the hunger to try everything – discovering it all, Padma showed me a radically different way of being. I was at the same time enthralled and extremely challenged to break out of the constructs of society’s norm. Never before had someone taken the time to really see me and show me how to discern truth for myself.

I initially followed and placed him on a pedestal and my life seemingly got worse. I gave my power away and realized that I needed to follow my own path. Almost as soon as I found my own feet, I recognized Padma as a true brother. The pedestal was gone and a real friendship – no matter the time or distance between meetings – was deeply and honorably rooted. Padma, you challenged me in love to see and discern what is not love, and how to take courageous actions even if it means going against the pressures of others in order to find personal integrity, sovereignty, and my own path with my soul. No one can ever take that away, and I continue to grow stronger, compassionate, more truthful and harbor a tremendous amount of gratitude for all lessons I have moved into and through.

My children can walk in the world with vulnerability and action knowing that they also have the power and tools to choose self responsibility. For this I cannot begin to express my gratitude for being able to pass this along so that they can succeed in life. My personal relationships are much more simple and I found the respect I used to crave by speaking the truth and owning all that comes up. If I had one wish it would be for everyone to know the embrace of this kind of love, stepping out of the small self, taking a step back into the bigger picture, then moving again from this vast spaciousness. Thank you for being a guide, a friend, a dear brother along my path.