I had many questions; Who am I? What am I now? Who and what is God? What is the meaning of life and death? How can I ever be happy, grateful, joyous and spiritually oriented again? It was the dark night of my soul and there seemed no way out.

I made a vow to take this devastating life experience and transform myself through it for both myself, and for my son and others. I decided to travel the world and seek out master teachers who would provide me with lasting answers to my burning questions.

Padma Aon was one of my most significant and life-changing influences. Through his workshops, care, and deep love for truth, over a period of time, like a phoenix, my False-Self, burned in a blazing fire and walked out on the other side reborn to discover my True Self, my Eternal, core being. I will always be grateful for Padma Aon’s love, wisdom teachings and excellent books. If I was stranded on an island for life, I would need only one book to keep me above water and advancing spiritually for the rest of my life, The Christ Blueprint. Thank you Padma for sharing your Love with so many!