The 7 Great Mantras “I AM” transmitted by Christ Yeshua are Codes designed to ignite you directly into the I AM: the gateway into the One Consciousness in all. These Heart-powered Sound and Light technologies unite consciousness with your nervous system and lightbody somatically so you can embody your True Self.

The 7 Codes of the I AM ignite the organic natural flows of the Divine Human Blueprint within you. Human and Divine meet, merge and are grounded as one flow in the I AM. These simple Heart-powered Light and Sound Technologies ignite the matrix of the Christ Grids within you to empower you into meeting and merging more into your True Self and the angelic Self.

Christ Yeshua gave us these technologies through sound as they are the most direct and accessible ways for us to tune into the Christ Grids. As he said, ‘’my yoke is easy.’’ Yeshua gave us these 7 I AM Codes so we could follow and embody the Self that Yeshua was.

The I AM is your own inner guide, alive in the Present Moment, your true Self. The I AM is the bridge that opens the doors to all dimensions. The I AM is the One central pillar of all parts of you. Immersing in the I AM helps you to be fully your Self!

In this 3-day Transmission workshop, you will immerse in the experience  of the 7 I AM Sound-Light Codes that Yeshua transmitted, using somatic breath to engineer yourself into the Christ Grids that all enlightened beings inhabit, using the Codes Christ gave to us.

You will be attuned into these Practices, Remember, and become empowered to deepen further into the I AM in your own. This is a highly experiential and deep light-sound-meditation transformational journey. These are the direct teachings of an Avatar and they have the love, wisdom and power of an Avatar behind it.

The 7 I AM Codes open, connect and ignite the physical body, pranic body, soul and light body together into the I AM: a pure, vast Presence untouched by karma, memory, evolution or devolution, a sublime, refined opening into stillness of heart and mind.

The 7 I AM Codes were first taught by Christ Yeshua to the Apostles in Palestine. They were his final public teachings, and are the distillation and simplification of previous ancient Egyptian alchemical teachings, that present day Christianity is based on.

Places limited to 15 people only.

When: November 24, 25, 26, 2023. 9am-5pm.

Where: Studio Yogi-Yoga, Wilhelminapark 22, 3581 ND, Utrecht, Holland EU

Price: £ 399 payable through Paypal. If you wish to do a direct bank transfer (UK or European Bank), contact Aina for bank details. Upon registration, final details will be sent to you. 

Note: for questions about accommodation nearby contact Evelien


Here is what people are saying about the 7 I AM Codes:


Eliza Harrison, UK

Having taught meditation all my adult life and spiritual practices from both Eastern and Western traditions, I am in no doubt that the 7 I AM Codes are the most powerful and transformative teachings I have ever known. Padma’s understanding of Christ Yeshua’s final teachings, as passed on to his apostles, offers us a direct pathway of opening to Truth, Love and God to experience the I AM presence. I feel liberated, joyous, at peace, and able to embody Love in a way I have not done before. After years of searching, I feel as though I have come home and am hugely blessed and grateful. For those who feel ready, I could not recommend these sacred, timeless teachings more highly.


Evelien Van Diermen Geerdink, Holland

For years I have been on a intuitive path combining the teachings from Yeshua with a journey into the world of Yoga. I have been longing to distill the essence of both these vast teachings. To be able to make it simple and to embody this wisdom and love. The I AM teaching does this. In only 7 codes. And Padma as a spiritual teacher also does exactly this. With a vast knowledge of seemingly all mystical traditions combined with a contemporary quantum perspective, he is able to dissect it into what truly matters and to transmit this knowledge in a practical, loving, elevating way.


Rebecca Pollock, USA

The I AM workshop feels like coming home.


Emily Diaz, USA

My experience of the I AM workshop has been and continues to be extremely visceral. The I AM has surfaced practical answers to difficult life-long questions, through its cleansing and brain state altering properties. I have faced and done things that I have been avoiding that are an integral part of my souls purpose, in my life I l find that I AM is the “light” that accompanies the “love”, a driving force that has brought me closer to myself.


Kim Kingsbury, Holland

The 7 I AM codes is what every Soul deserves, a direct pathway and reconnection to Love and God. With simple, yet profound breath and sound meditation, Padma offers you the tools to remember, feel, experience the pathways that already lie within yourself, to the I AM consciousness. Padma is a clear guiding channel and guides you with love and clarity through the 7 codes of the I AM. It was a deep remembering of who I AM, that I am loved, held, supported, infinite, seen in my truest potential and calling by Creation. It’s mind blowing, heart expanding, pure bliss and awe of what else is out there, what you’ve been missing out on, and how simple it is to find your way home.


Sian Jewell, UK

The workshop of The 7 I AM Codes was the most beautifull gift to myself. The whole 3 days was a container of LOVE, recieving, understanding, experiencing, feeling, witnessing, allowing and SO much more. Padma is the most wonderFULL guide as he holds the Sacred Space for each person to experience the Nothingness yet Everything at the same time. My heart is still full of Joy and Love for the experience and our beautifull group.


Ruth Hellen, UK

It seems too easy to describe an important event or experience as life changing; and yet that phrase is the one which continually comes to mind to describe the three day 7 IAm code workshop. I had concerns beforehand that I may lack the knowledge or experience that other attendees may have; but clear and concise information and explanations combined with precise guidance allowed me to immerse and absorb this deeply sacred teaching. Those three days have completely changed how I think and feel.


Penny Brittan, UK

The I AM Workshop has been a transformational experience for me, and brought me to a space within myself I realised I had been searching for all my life. Learning the Somatic breathing and sacred Sound Light Codes of Aramaic is the pathway to a depth of opening within that I have never before been able to reach or stay with. Padma’s extraordinary ability to teach and facilitate the practices with a lightness of delivery and care for all present was both supportive and generous.


Reverend Renee Bledsoe, USA

The effects of the Aramaic I AM Codes provided, through my experience of working with creationary light particles, the ability to pull back into my I AM from the undifferentiated prima materia pure light of creator back into my rainbow diamond body. I prepared for this work for nearly 20 years. For me it is a gift of the Creator and has strengthened me in my sovereignty, while asserting my place in the greater whole of creation. This is both humbling and glorifying ..and to receive these encodings is a key moment on the evolutionary arc of humanity. For a human being such as Padma to carry this kind of light is medicine for the world, which will greatly benefit the well prepared and lovingly wise individual by further purifying their mind and unifying it with their illuminated heart.


Aina Greta, Belgium

The 7 I AM Codes opened for me a very direct pathway. I am in awe with the accessibility in simplicity, the ease and effortlessness, the totality, the purity and the directness simply through sound, breath and focus. The acceleration is intense and this is a highway directly into Love. Every part is included and lifted into higher vibrations yet with 2 feet on the ground. Padma truly is a sound master and shares with such tangible clarity there is no resistance that can withstand one to delve into it.


David Harrison, UK

In the 7 I AM Codes I feel I have finally found the answer to my lifetime prayer. Padma’s inspired teaching has revealed what, for me, is an entirely new level of truth and understanding. This opportunity was Heaven-sent, and for any who resonate with this, I urge you not to miss it!