“All is One and all is contained in I Am”.

The 7 Great Mantras “I AM” of Christ Yeshua encoded into the Gospel of John were secret teachings designed to guide people into their own I AM soul: the gateway into the One Soul in all.

The 7 Codes of the I AM Light Body are the organic natural flows of light of the Divine Human Blueprint within the physical body. Human and Divine meet, merge and are grounded as one flow in these 7 Codes of I AM. These Heart-powered Light and Sound Technologies ignite the matrix of the Christ Grids within our body-mind spirit nervous systems to empower an individual into meeting, communing with and merging more into the I AM Self, the angelic Self.

Christ Yeshua gave us these technologies through sound as they are the most direct, easy and accessible ways for us to tune into the Christ Grids. As he said, ‘’my yoke is easy.’’ Christ gave us these 7 I AM Codes so we could follow and embody the Self that Yeshua was pointing towards.

The I AM is your own inner guru and guide, showing you the right direction for your life. In the I AM you live in the Present Moment, the Presence of your true Self. The I AM is the bridge that opens the doors to all dimensions and the gatekeeper to all chakras, the connector between all parts of you.

The I AM gathers together all your different inner voices, all the different parts of you, and leads them into fulfilment. The I AM is the One central pillar and guide of all parts of you and Illuminates all parts of you. Immersing in the I AM helps you to be fully your Self!

In this 3-day Transmission workshop, you will immerse in the experience and embodiment of these 7 I AM Light Body Codes. Using the sacred sound-light Codes of Aramaic that Yeshua transmitted with somatic breath in specific spiraling chakra flows and pathways, we will engineer ourselves into the Christ Grid that all enlightened beings inhabit, using the Codes Christ gave to us.

The 7 I AM Codes open, connect and ignite the physical body, pranic body, soul body and light body together into the God Self I AM. The I AM Light Body is a pure Presence untouched by karma, memory, evolution or devolution. Connecting into it leads into peace, light, Presence, love and accelerated soul development. It is a sublime, refined and profound opening into stillness of heart and mind.

In this 3-day Transmission workshop, you will be attuned into these Practices, Remember, and become empowered to deepen further into the I AM Light Body in your own spiritual practice. This is a highly experiential and deep light-sound-meditation transformational journey, not an intellect-based teaching, translation or study. This is how Christ was.

Places limited to 12 people only.

When: 23, 24, 25 June 2023. 9am-5pm.

Where: Ellerbank Cottage, Dent, Cumbria, UK

Price: 343 GBP Payable through Paypal. If you wish to do a direct bank transfer (UK or European Bank), contact Aina for bank details. Upon registration, more details will be sent to you. 

Note: Accommodation is available at a big discount for the first 8 people only.  Both food and accommodation are extra and inexpensive. Please contact Laura Jane for more details