The Life Cycles album accompanies the book Womb Wisdom, voted one of the Top 30 Books you must read. It is a rich, deep-listening, meditative tapestry full of the beauty of sacred sounds, choirs and prayers from traditions worldwide. This merges with psycho acoustic healing frequencies designed to take you on deep journeys into spaces of healing, rest, meditation and peace.

Psycho acoustic science measures the frequencies at which objects vibrate. Water molecules have a certain frequency, as does the earth, the stars and the organs in our body. Every single thing in creation has a frequency, and scientists have been able to measure many of them. Their work marries beautifully with the sacred sound yogas of India, Egypt and Israel to create The Life Cycles album.



Lullaby to Min Beesha



Life Cycles is a sequenced journey from Track 1 to 4, starting from the beginning of life in the cosmic and human womb, through the journey of life and the souls unfoldings, into space and the void, and back again.


  1. Primordial
    Primordial evokes the very beginnings of life in the water and womb. Using psycho-acoustic frequencies of the Sri Yantra sacred geometry, dragon mantra and the frequencies of ultraviolet blended with whale and dolphin soundtracks, this is a deep meditative and shamanic journey into water space, womb space, the breath, and the inception of life in the primordial soup where form first began. Vocals by Padma Aon, Araya Tanaa and Stellar.

  2. Lullaby to Min Beesha
    Min Beesha means ripeness in Aramaic. Lullaby makes us feel safe, bringing us into the other world of deep rest and lucid dreaming. Lullaby to Min Beesha is a hymn of tranquility and beauty, qualities which ripen the soul, allowing inner expansion, growth and blooming, taking us deep within to the frequencies of beauty that provide this. Lullaby is a journey into the soul and womb based on a psycho acoustic feast of special chimes and instruments designed by Randy Masters that are tuned to the frequency of hydrogen and oxygen: water, the substance of life. Many colour frequencies form a rich sonic scaffolding to a symphony of choirs led by Baird Hersey and the overtone choir of Prana, with Sanskrit vocals by Padma and vocals by Stellar.

  3. Hathor
    This is a Hymn to Hathor, aspect of Venus, Egyptian Goddess of Music, Fertility, Beauty, Birthing, Love and Union. This soundscape is completely made from Egyptian vocals, i.e all the sounds in this song, whether they sound like keyboards or flutes all come from the human voice. Carefully composed to attune one to the innate purity of the voice, the beginning of all music, ‘The Word’, Hathors Temple in Denderah Egypt was the inspiration for this piece. Here, Padma taught and led a choir of 40 people in a sacred choir reminiscent of the glory days of this Temple that brought many of the audience and the guards of this sacred temple to tears. The fascinating and potent Birthing Chambers at Denderah hold frequencies of ecstasy: recently a couple fell pregnant there after receiving their powerful birthing frequencies!

  4. Akasha
    Akasha is a deep womb state frequency, taking us into the weightless reaches of inner space. Shamanic meditation allows us to stop what we are doing and shift our brainwave state into receptivity. Using psycho-acoustic frequencies of the Sri Yantra sacred geometry and three colour frequencies, this is a deep and still journey into the womb.