The Soul’s Birth is a series of custom made vibrational soundscapes scientifically and emotionally designed to inspire you into the next octave of your creativity. It merges the science of psycho-acoustic frequencies with the spiritual wisdom of Indian Nada Yoga and the beauty of Hebrew sacred sound.

 The Soul’s Birth creates vibrational handrails or reference points in the body, emotions and mind to guide the different stages of a heart-centred conscious pregnancy and birth. It has been designed to return you into the primordial space of the Womb: where we come from, and a safe space for relaxation, primal meditation and deep rest into your essence.


Dark Matter

Primordial Womb Consciousness

The Seven Directions

Noble Father

Aria for the Mother

Blissful Birth

The Golden Hour

Children of the New Dawn

The Soul’s Birth is a unique set of vibrational soundscapes where science and the soul, emotion and technology, come together to expand consciousness. The Soul’s Birth merges the science of psycho-acoustic frequencies with Indian Nada Yoga and Aramaic sacred sound.

With vocals by renowned songstress Kristin Hoffmann and co-produced by Dr Alex Theory, The Soul’s Birth creates vibrational handrails or reference points in the body, emotions and nervous system to guide the different stages of a heart-centred conscious pregnancy and birth. This can be the birthing of a child, creating a new project, to inspire new ideas, for shamanic journeying and meditation: whatever you need to gestate, create and birth, The Soul’s Birth will deepen the process.

Psycho acoustic science measures the frequencies at which objects vibrate. Water molecules have a certain frequency, as does the earth, the stars and the organs in our body. The different movements of birth, pregnancy and their resonant frequencies are woven throughout each soundscape, Together, science and spirit provide subliminal vibrational guidance into accessing our higher potentials and new possibilities.

Listen to The Soul’s Birth whilst creating art, in pregnancy and labour, in bodywork, healing, Shakti work and womb-hara opening. The frequencies, sounds, prayers and mantras on The Soul’s Birth help your consciousness and nervous system wed with the body: to Embody your Self.

Divine Mother Sound Healing: The Souls Birth Album

Divine Mother Sound Healing: The Souls Birth Album

The Soul's Birth Album

Womb Consciousness

Majesty, mystery, and magnificence are all merged into the vision of “The Soul’s Birth” — a musical work of multi-dimensional proportions. From deep archetypal space and pre-origin places emerge the beginnings, building into transcendent and intricate musical structures. The power of Kristin Hoffmann’s vocal expression soars above, beyond and underneath traditional song forms — reminiscent of her extraordinary soundtrack for “Amazing Space” — while Alex Theory’s masterful ambient structures surround and penetrate in a spherical and revolving manner, in the vein of his “Full Spectrum Sound Healing” series. Padma’s well-conceived vision comes fully to life, from past-life to futuristic healing forms that engage the listener into a birth immersion that forms new configurations of interconnected truth and beauty.

LLOYD BARDE, Music Editor Common Ground Magazine

The music is beautiful, mesmerizing, hypnotic, mystical – highly suited for making and birthing babies!

Elena Vladimirova, Teacher, Film maker, Founder ‘Birth into Being’.

The music quiets the mind, stirs the soul and brings one to Presence. I definitely recommend it!

Eileen McKusick, Sound Therapist, Author ‘Tuning the Human Bio Field.’

My partner and I absolutely love this music! We listened to this all through our pregnancy and found it really helpful for tuning into the soul of our son and for getting into higher states of consciousness in preparation for his birth. The powerful and very purposeful tracks are just divine. There’s really nothing out there like this and we continue to listen to this even now. We want our son to be influenced by high vibrational music and are so grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to this throughout our journey of birthing our beautiful baby. There’s nothing else like it. It’s truly very special.

Tamika Hilder, Founder of The Path of the Goddess

The Souls Birth Album is like a souls biography, helping to gather your blue prints before birth and imprinting the earthly blue prints required for growth and expansion. In these primordial movements, safety, protection and space for the emotions is held with the frequencies of Isis Sophia and Mary.

The music helps to regenerate the body, allowing for sexual healing, grounding the emotional body into the base and kidneys, so we can learn how to love more fully and softly and with true self worth. It is like a double breast feeding …earth mother and spiritual mother, nourishing the heart with warmth.

The songs have fire and sound codes to help us embody with Gaia’s frequency. The Souls Birth Album invokes your Earth guides, sending your earth co-ordinates to spirit, to emanate your energies and location throughout time and space. This is particularly helpful for children! The Souls Birth Album is an amazing experience full of energetic ‘downloads,’ and beauty!

Lakis Chrysanthou, Inner Child Therapist

These extraordinary soundscapes are transportative and profound. Created by two of the world’s foremost minds in psycho-acoustic frequency and vibrational medicine, they bridge the worlds of science and spirituality, further serving to advance the relationship between them. These are ’new paradigm’ frequencies and tones for healing and regeneration. Immersing oneself within them supports entrainment with the higher dimensional frequencies that over-light the New Paradigm and the New Earth.

Nicolya Christi, Evolutionary guide and Author ‘Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World’.

It’s quite brilliant. You’ve captured a universe of sound with so many dynamic layers. Each song is it’s own symphony and Blissful Birth is heavenly. The accompanying booklet with its well written explanation of the sources of sounds and the science behind the sounds is a solid aid to understand the feelings that surface while listening. Noble Father had me tearing up within seconds and reading the explanation helped me understand why. The sonic engineering of the album is quite epic. Each layer of sound is like its own instrument. While most people will not be able to identify 40 instruments in a song, a producer like me or someone who listens closely and pays attention to the nuances and subtlety of the ebbs and flows within songs, will appreciate the deft touch of musicianship and sound mastery.

Gavin Hardkiss, Music Producer and DJ, Hardkiss Collective

I really loved this album. It took me into an ecstatic high I rarely experience through music these days. Padma creates sacred music that immerses the listener into an alchemical journey. The Soul’s Birth contains eight vibrationally attuned music tracks designed to awaken the spirit and take the listener deep into the inner space of untapped creativity, latent potential and yet to be discovered magical possibilities.

Steve Ahnael Nobel, Author, Founder of Soul Matrix Healing

This album is beyond words, it makes me feel that i am wrapped in the wings of angels and at the same time anchored and totally present. I have never heard something like this before, a profound spiritual power of love, clarity, peace and healing. It escalates in frequency, the music takes you higher and higher until it feels like nothing mundane can touch you. It really has the sensibility to touch your heart and reach your soul. Kristin’s voice connects you directly with the angelic realm.

Fabiana Sacca, Pathwork Facilitator and Womb Wisdom Guide