All traditions have different maps of consciousness, a series of vibrational handrails or reference points that guide an individual through the phases of life and the many voices of the soul and psyche. In the 13 qualities of Christ Consciousness, music brings this alive for you today.


Compassion – Kwan Yin

Surrender – St Francis

Holy Love – Magdalene

Black Light – Isis

Bardo – Salome

Track Details

  1. Compassion : Kwan Yin
    Purity, Aotearoa-New Zealand, Glacial Lake Light, Prayer, Mothers Cry.  
  2. Surrender: St Francis
    The Heart Prayer of St Francis of Assisi sung in Spanish at Goa Cathedral with medieval remix beats, violins, harp and troubadour guitar
  3. Holy Love : Magdalene
    Waves, Overtones, Angelic choirs, Psychoacoustic frequencies of Life, Hydrogen, 21st century Opera, Hearts longings, Passion, Minimalist Beats, Indian accapella, Fluid piano groove, Sensual heart dancing. 
  4. Black Light : Isis
  5. Bardo: Salome
    An angelic journey into the underworld, the spaces between death and dying, the journey of the soul through the dimensions. Multiple Tibetan and Mongolian chants and undertones roll over each other to take us into this Bardo, a shamanic journey into darkness, from where light arises in the Bodhisattva heart prayer Om Mani Peme Hum, guiding us into Sahasrara, the crown chakra and space.  An Epic Journey through light and dark into totality.