The Science of Sound


The Science of Sound shares how the sonic universe operates,
drawn from the original yoga of sound in India and the wisdom
system of the Kabbalah. Both traditions see the universe as a
hologram created by four different modes of sound vibration,
which we can use to mould, shape and form reality.
The four modes of sound are revealed through these sonic
consciousness traditions, quantum physics, vibratory art forms,
and recent discoveries about sound. Each mode of sound is a
doorway we enter through visual music, sonic geometry, pictures
of sound, and new vibratory technologies.
The Science of Sound reveals the ancient sciences behind mantra,
music, sound healing and vibrational medicine like never before.
The four modes of sound are the original teachings on how sound
creates the holographic universe and its cycles of time, now
revealed in their entirety.
This science of consciousness articulates a path into wholeness
through sound, bringing together ancient wisdom and modern
discoveries into contemporary practice. Thorough and well
researched, The Science of Sound also contains free downloads
of frequency tuned music, sonic journeys, audio meditations
and videos to bring you into the four modes of sound.

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