Welcome to A Sacred Journey into the divine heart of India: the home of Yoga, Self Realization, Mantra, and the largest number of Enlightened Beings on the planet. On this 14 day Sacred Journey we will travel into the Essence of Mother India to experience Her spiritual and human Gifts for us. This Journey has been carefully curated to be of these times, into embodying the soul and allying with God Realised Masters who have achieved this.

We will visit the sacred caves and ashrams of Avatar Babaji and the Lineage of Christ, Yogananda, Lahiri Mahashaya, who will share some of the wisdom and techniques they used in their Union. India holds keys to Christ Consciousness, a big part of Christ’s training and teachings. India invites us into another part of our Being, where special and unexpected things happen. Just being there disrupts normal ways of thinking and doing, guiding you into a spatial flow and expanded way of being.

As home to thousands of enlightened beings for millennia, a special sacred atmosphere permeates the air, where our own ability to tap into Self becomes heightened and more available.

Staying in 4 star hotels and being guided around the size and logistical chaos of India by plane, train and luxury SUV with experienced guides will give you a real experience of India, allowing you to relax and let go into your Sacred Calling to Mother India and have a first class experience of body and soul.

With Padma Aon Prakasha, an Indian, Initiated Shaivite and Sound Master, you will get an insider look and journey into the living light of India and her gifts for you. This Sacred Journey will share the beauty, richness and depth of what India has to offer, in its culture, spirituality and wisdom, old and new.