Padma Aon

Divine Mother Sound Healing

Meditation Music, Sound-Healing, vibrational frequency, healing meditations, healing music.


This is the next level of sound healing where beauty and science, sacred sound and new technology, the past and the present merge to create healing experiences for us today. This Divine Mother Sound Healing ''Aria for the Mother'' is meditation music brought into 2019, using ancient Sanskrit chants for the Divine Mother beautifully sung with love, with the latest in the science of frequency and cutting edge recording technology.


Vocals by the beautiful and outrageously talented Kristin Hoffmann ( Bella Gaia) and co produced by Dr Alex Theory PHD (Sounds True, The Grammys, 5 Elements)


A chant to Ambe Ma and the ancient chant of Om Ma Om, the Divine Mother in Sanskrit, tuned to 432Hz and 125HZ, 16x Schumann Resonance and a key frequency that foetuses actively respond to. Science and emotion unite in the next evolution of music where sacred sound and technology create healing music, healing meditations and sound healing experiences.


This Song Aria for the Mother is from The Souls Birth Album and is available here

Voice by Kristin Hoffmann, co-produced by Dr Alex Theory Phd.

To listen to more, and to download the Song, go to my YouTube Page