Everything is sound vibration. The world is sound. You are made of sounds in a vibrational universe. How can we tap into them? Why is this not known? Is there a system behind meditation music, vibration sound, vibrational frequency, sound healing vibrational healing, vibrational sound therapy, and Energy Medicine? YES!


In Part 1 of this 4 part Sound Healing Documentary series based on the awakened wisdom of the Indian Masters and the Kabbalah, we discover the First Mode of Sound. All music, your voice, and every kind of sound vibration in existence has 4 different modes of expression.


In the First Mode of Sound we use writing, our 5 senses and speech to communicate; this also includes mental chatter or the monkey mind — the background list of thoughts and things to do in our minds. This can become the foundation of The Matrix, a prison of thought, code and words locked into the third dimension.


The Internet, 5G, and the computer code of 0 and 1, the basis of all digital technology, all operate on the first mode of vibration. The matrix of time and space is constructed of sounds. Our words create our thoughts and our thoughts create our reality. This is all part of the first mode of sound vibration!


Yet this is only the first and lowest mode of sound vibration: the mode of polarity and duality. When this mode is connected to the higher modes of Sound Vibration, you can come to a place of total freedom and expression of your multi-dimensional Self, as covered in the rest of this Series on The Science of Sound and The Four Modes of Vibration.


Knowing how sound and vibration works aligns us to the essence of the universe. This wisdom has been hidden until now, when we need it most. To become a conscious multidimensional being, using and understanding sound vibration is Key. This is how many Masters have done it throughout history, in India, Egypt, Mexico and many more countries: and it works.


Included are secret tips to working with sound, and a list of top sound healing techniques!



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