In Part 3 of this Sound Healing Documentary series based on the awakened wisdom of the Indian Masters and the Kabbalah, we discover the Third Mode of Sound: The Power of Now, Presence, and the frequency of direct knowing, the universal ‘download’ of wisdom from Source. In this mode of sound vibration, sound becomes light within us, transforming and opening us through this very high frequency of unity consciousness.


Known as ‘pasyanti’ in Sanskrit, this mode of sound is a laser beam of focused consciousness that sees all and knows all. This is the gateway to our multidimensional self and our multi dimensional abilities such as telepathy, instant Knowing, clairaudience, clairvoyance and many other gifts that lie within us. The Third mode of sound vibration also holds the gifts of time navigation and true holographic communication.


In the Third mode of sound, we enter bliss, rapture and ecstasy. We are transported from this world into Reality, into Living light, an infinitely intelligent light, the organising Presence behind the structures and sentience of the universe that interconnects us all. This is quantum resonance, the same resonance found in each of us, the true Namaste.


We can access the third mode of sound vibration through the group mind consciousness, a group of people coming together at sacred sites to commune as a unified consciousness with Gaia. We can also access it through deep stillness, mantra and meditation.


Sound is creation, and the world is sound.

Included are secret tips to working with sound, and a list of top sound healing techniques!


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