Padma Aon

The Sounds of Shiva: The Hologram of Creation

In the Maheshwara Sutra, Shiva reveals the sounds that unfold all the movements of time-space, from the Big Bang to the primordial soup, the subtle bodies, elements, chakras and pranas. This science of sound explains the workings of our perceptual mechanisms and the universe we live in through vibrational meaning. The 14  classes of sound and 42 seed syllables of the Maheshwara Sutra form the basis of the Sanskrit alphabet of Creation, the language of the Gods: for the gods clothe themselves in mantra, and it is only by mantra that they can be revealed.

The Maheshwara Sutra was revealed by Shiva to a group of India's most eminent sages and Rshis thousands of years ago, who included Patanjali, Vyasa, The Kumaras and Nandikeshvara.