This Song ‘Womb Consciousness” from The Souls Birth Album plays the sound frequencies of hydrogen and oxygen, the water molecule, of life, with the frequencies of deep violet, light violet and the Sun’s frequency. Most of the instruments are tuned to octaves of these resonances and 432Hz, the tone of geometric harmony, organic proportions and coherent wellbeing. In all, 40 different tones are spherically mixed on this Song to provide a vibrationally rich, immersive sound bath into womb-space. 

This soundscape invites you to drop into your centre of gravity in the womb/hara, the primordial source presence within your body. If you relax and breathe deeply here, you will feel layers softening and opening, revealing more of the depth of this presence within you. It touches deep subconscious fields and can activate dormant memories, stirring them to be felt and released, allowing more openness and fluidity within you. 

In lab tests at the University of Berkeley CA, babies physically responded most to a 500Hz tone at 19 weeks, and after 19 weeks the frequency range expands to 250 Hz and 125Hz. The Schumann Resonance or Earth Frequency oscillates around 7.8125 to 8.125Hz. If you octavise 7.8125 x 32 =250Hz. 250Hz could be a trigger to the expansion to fetal growth after 19 weeks of gestation, and could be a point where the fetus connects more deeply into Gaia’s frequency as support and as a catalyst for further growth. We purposefully used these frequencies so as to bring you into womb consciousness and Gaia’s field. 

Enjoy meditating with this video and all the medicine frequencies within it!

The Video was made with Lynn Claire Dennis of Mereon.org, with her version of the Universal Sound Current Frequency embedded within it.