The body of shiva 1

Within the Maheshwara Sutra are 14 Names of the Aham or The I AM. These Divine Names live within you: they are your Names, your divine qualities, your divine character and attributes. You come to own this, Know this, when you experience this face of the divine that you are within yourself. 

These 14 Divine Names are encoded within you, and are accessed by the Tantric technologies of sacred sound, mudra and light directed within you in specific chakra pathways. 

These 14 Divine Names are part of the deeper Tantric alchemy found in the Maheshwara Sutra: The Yoga of the Divine Names. Sounding a Divine Name and immersing into it evokes a specific aspect of the One to come forth and manifest its energies, qualities, powers and characteristics to you, just as when you call a friend’s name to draw their attention to you. Through the Divine Names, we can draw Divine Powers within nature, and within us, to actively and consciously work with us.

Each Name is a vehicle, a vibratory waveband of light, sound, information and Gnosis or vijnana for us to surf and dissolve into so we can Become this this power, Stillness and Presence it leads into. Each Name takes us back to the Divinity within ourself-the external name is a reminder, a reflection of what lives within us, perhaps dormant, but soon to be awoken.

Through the power of Divine Names we evoke and bloom forth the same qualities of the Divine Name within ourself. Through the Divine Name we awaken the Divine within our own hearts and minds.

This series of 7 Transmissions will bring you into a deep experiential immersion into the Names of the AHAM or I AM, serving to guide you from yourself into the One I AM. These 7 Transmissions are an Initiation, so you can go deeper into the Divine Names in your own meditation practice sadhana

The Shivas Hologram Course Is the preparation for this. Now it goes deeper. 

Registration for this Course is made available when you have completed the Maheshwara Sutra Course.