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Music for Christ Consciousness

All traditions have different maps of consciousness, a series of vibrational handrails or reference points that guide an individual through the phases of life and the many voices of the soul and psyche. In the 13 qualities of Christ Consciousness, music brings this alive for you today.

Life Cycles

The Life Cycles album accompanies the book Womb Wisdom, voted one of the Top 30 Books you must read. It is a rich, deep-listening, meditative tapestry full of the beauty of sacred sounds, choirs and prayers from traditions worldwide. This merges with psycho acoustic healing frequencies designed to take you on deep journeys into spaces of healing, rest, meditation and peace.

The Soul’s Birth

The Soul’s Birth is a series of custom made vibrational soundscapes scientifically and emotionally designed to inspire you into the next octave of your creativity. It merges the science of psycho-acoustic frequencies with the spiritual wisdom of Indian Nada Yoga and the beauty of Hebrew sacred sound.