The shivas hologram course

The Maheshwara Sutra is the ultimate guide to sound consciousness in the Vedic tradition, given by Shiva over 2200 years ago after his iconic dance of destruction and re-creation designed to bring you into your divine blueprint. It is the clearest exposition of the world being created by sound vibration ever recorded.

The Maheshwara Sutra comes after the Dance of Shiva. The Sutra shows how we regenerate through the power of sound. Each sound weaves the matrix of life, dynamically creating the universe and human being in 42 sound vibrations which unfold the universal creative process, from the quantum field and Big Bang to our very minds, breath, sexuality, chakras and all elements of creation.

The Maheshwara Sutra is Shiva’s holographic Creation of Everything, the original Yoga of Sound. Its 42 Sound Keys create 42 vibrational shifts within you, which can align you into the quantum blueprint of creation. It is a science of consciousness, and a profound synthesis of wisdom and practices that articulates a path into wholeness through sound. Thorough and well researched, it opens doors into using sound never revealed before, taking you on a cosmic ride through sound, consciousness, and the secrets of the universe. Get ready to dive deep and unlock doors that you never knew existed.

Shiva’s Hologram: The Maheshwara Sutra translates ancient wisdom into the NOW through quantum physics, sacred geometry, the union of masculine and feminine Shiva-Shakti, and the wisdom of India’s greatest masters. This Yoga of Sound has never been revealed in its entirety outside of India until now.

There are 3 Online Live Courses on Shivas Hologram that, step by step, go increasingly deeper into this profound Shiva Tantra. Each Course is Live because each Group Field and Container is different.

The First Course is:

Shivas Hologram: The Maheshwara Sutra Course.

The Maheshwara Sutra are the 42 sounds of The New Creation and Matrix of the Divine Human Blueprint. Each sound unfolds the universal creative process, from the quantum field and the witness to the Big Bang or Big Light, to the elements, the subtle bodies, the trinity of the mind, sexuality, chakras, pranas and all the elements of creation.

The Maheshwara Sutra is Shiva’s Blueprint of Creation in 42 Sound-Keys that create 42 vibrational shifts within you. As these vibrations are sounded in different parts of you, it allows you to access the Matrix of the Divine Human Blueprint within you. This can be profoundly opening and healing.

In Shivas Hologram: The Maheshwara Sutra Online Course, we move through these 42 Sound Keys, activating all the parts of yourself step by step, taking you into deep meditations, openings and communion with Self. We join together in 9 Sessions over 9 weekends for 9 experiential journeys, where we will travel through The Hologram of Creation as revealed by Shiva and taught by India’s greatest sages.

The Transmissions in each Session are potent as they are empowered by the Saivite Rishis and Masters (the Shiva Lineage) behind these Sounds of Shiva. This has not been fully revealed in the western world until now.     

The Tantric practices or Kriyas of the Maheshwara Sutra unify the 42 vibrational medicine sounds of Creation with their geometries or Yantras. This rapidly expands your consciousness so you become the vibration itself. The associated mudras and meridian points of the Tantric Kriya’s empower the electro-magnetic circuitry of your body, helping you Embody more here and now.

With these Sounds of Light, a Transcendent pathway opens to the Light of Creation through the Pineal Chakra, Crown and beyond. These potent Tantric Kriyas will take you to the next octave of vibration and beyond when you immerse in them.

In Shivas Hologram: The Maheshwara Sutra Course you will:

⦁ Receive potent Transmissions into the Divine Blueprint to activate these vibrational Keys within you
⦁ Learn how to use and pronounce the sounds of Creation
⦁ Enter profound meditations, openings and healings
⦁ Learn the meanings of the Sounds of Shiva and how to use them
⦁ Receive the Tantric Kriyas for each vibrational Key
⦁ Raise your vibration
⦁ Open and heal specific parts of you
⦁ Access potent vibrational medicines and sound-healing tools
⦁ Receive the E-Booklet of Tantric Kriyas to have as part of your practice.
⦁ Receive Shivas Hologram: The Maheshwara Sutra E-Book

An Online Forum will be available for you to share your experiences as a journal, and ask daily questions of Padma over these 9 weeks. The Forum means you will enjoy ongoing support and inspiration no matter where you are in the world. The Forum is a lively and interactive space where many experiences are expressed and supported, many teachings connected to each Session are shared, and where one can be spontaneous and have ongoing interaction.
Group Mind Immersions are potent activations. When you experience this with a group of people, you will enjoy the journey more and experience more profound activations.

Each Session of the Course is recorded, and posted the same day to the Forum, allowing you to enjoy flexible access and experience any aspect of the Sounds of Shiva Journey whenever you want. You can use the Recordings to do the practices at home, re-listen to the wisdom talks, and deepen into and integrate the vibrational transmissions. You can miss certain Transmission days, safe in the knowledge that it is all recorded and you can access it whenever you want.

When: 9 Modules over 9 weeks. Starting March 2024: March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 April 6, 13, 20, 27. 3pm Central Europe Time /2pm UK/6am Pacific Standard Time. Every Saturday. 1-1.5 hours each Session.

Where: On Zoom, in your home. Zoom link will be shared with you via E-mail and on the Forum when you register for the Course.

Cost: 399 GBP. Payable through Paypal in full upon Registration. Last registration time is February 15. Payment Plans are accepted, just email me.

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