The I am

All is one, and all is contained in “I AM”.

The 7 Great Mantras of ‘’I AM’’ shared by Christ Yeshua are secret teachings hidden in plain sight, as the best secrets are. The I AM Mantras are designed to guide you into the I AM: the gateway into pure consciousness, the One in all. These Heart-powered Sound and Light technologies unite your consciousness with your nervous system and lightbody somatically so you can embody yourself here and now.

The I AM is fuelled by the heart, and ignites the Awakening process within you. The 7 I AM mantras ignite the organic natural flows of light of the Divine Blueprint within you. Human and Divine meet, merge and are grounded as one flow in the I AM. Christ Yeshua gave us these technologies through sound as they are the most direct, easy and accessible ways for us to tune into these Unity Grids. As he said, ‘’my yoke is easy,’’ and these 7 I AM Codes help you to embody the Self that Yeshua was pointing towards in his teachings.

The 7 I AM Mantras are sound-light Codes in the sacred language of Aramaic that Yeshua transmitted, using somatic breath in specific chakra flows and pathways. They ignite the matrix within you of the Unity Grids that all enlightened beings inhabit.

The I AM Codes empower you into meeting, communing with and Realising ones true identity as I AM. The I AM is a pure Presence untouched by karma, memory, evolution or devolution. I AM is peace, silence, Presence and love, a sublime, refined and profound opening into stillness of heart and mind. It accelerates your development on multiple levels.

The 7 I AM Codes were first taught by Christ Yeshua to his Apostles in Palestine. They are the distillation and simplification of previous ancient Egyptian alchemical teachings, that present day Christianity is based on. Yeshua announced each of the 7 I AM Codes in public at various gatherings, with the inner process taught in private to the Apostles. They in turn passed these transformative practices down to their students, which are now being revealed publically.

The I AM Course is held over 8 weeks.
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