Book Consulting

Over 30 years, Padma has written 8 books published worldwide, and taught all over the world in 22 countries. He knows how to get a book published, how to craft a successful proposal, and how and what to say to a publisher to get a book published. Most importantly, Padma can oversee a book writing project, giving you the structure, direction and clarity to get your book idea clear and manifested. He can help bring out your voice and writing in a way that is authentically yours, and help you clarify your ideas, purpose and writing technique. His vast breadth of wisdom can also help add to your book project in many ways.

Padma can help you manifest your book on all levels, from start to finish. If you feel to have Padma consult with you on your book writing project, contact me here with the details, and we can go from there and see if we are a good fit! Please note Padma is not a grammar or book editor. However, he can help bring your book to specific publishers in the Mind-Body-Spirit-Wellness-Mindfulness genre, depending on your subject.