Sacred Site Journeys

Over 30 years, Padma has written 8 books published worldwide, and taught all over the world in 22 countries. He has led groups on transformative sacred site journeys in over 14 countries, offering unique insights into these sacred landscapes in the sacred language of the place. This is how these sacred sites open: in the sound codes of their native language! In Egypt, it is best to do their ceremonies in ancient Egyptian, in India in Sanskrit, and so on. Padma has a unique ability to connect with the Guardians of sacred sites, and to open the dimensions of a site with their permission.

Padma has guided groups and individuals on these journeys for the last 30 years, and has never publically advertised these individual journeys until now. All individual journeys are tailor made according to your soul purpose, pathway and unique evolutionary desires, karmas and needs for evolution and completion.

If you are interested in a sacred site journey as an individual or a small group, contact me here and let me know what you are interested in. My areas of speciality are: India, Egypt, UK, Moorea, Christed sites throughout Europe, and more. Padma is a unique guide with a vast breadth of wisdom, transformative practices and ceremonies garnered over 30 years of sacred site journeys. He can open up sacred sites unlike most other people alive today.