The I AM Light Body, 3-Day Workshop
November 24-26 2023: Live Workshop with Padma Aon Prakasha in Utrecht, Netherlands EU The 7 Great Mantras “I AM” transmitted by Christ Yeshua are Codes designed to ignite you directly into the I AM: the gateway into the One Consciousness in all. These Heart-powered Sound and Light technologies unite consciousness with your nervous system and lightbody somatically so you can embody your True Self...
Shiva's Hologram Course
Shiva's Hologram: The Maheshwara Sutra Online Course
Online Course with Padma Prakasha Starting 2024 March 2, 8pm CET / 7pm UK. The Maheshwara Sutra is the key teaching on sound consciousness in the Vedic tradition, given by Shiva after his iconic dance of destruction and creation. It is the clearest exposition of the world being created by sound vibration that has ever been recorded. The Maheshwara Sutra and the Sounds of Creation are the Original Yoga of Sound, vibrational medicine, and sound healing. They create the very structure of creation itself. The Maheshwara Sutra is an entire ancient healing system from Vedic times returning to Earth now as a pathway into Embodiment and Transcendence through Sound, Vibrational Medicine and Inner Tantra....

In the case of a cancellation of a workshop of course place, 50% of the cost will be returned. If the cancellation of a workshop or course place happens within a week of the course or workshop starting, 10% of the cost will be refunded.