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Original Agni: Super New Moon Ceremony
Agni is the first Spark of Creation, the Living Flame of the Heart, the first catalyst and transformer. It is the Divine Fire that brings one into Peace, and is the bringer of illumination. Agni is the most revered of all energies in India because it brings one into awakening....
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10th International Conference on the "Scientific Exploration of Principles & Practices of Yoga"
The 10th International Conference on the "Scientific Exploration of Principles & Practices of Yoga" is all about Unveiling the Science behind Mind, Body, and beyond conducted by the Department of Yogic Science, Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, Haridwar. In a world that's increasingly recognizing the profound impact of yoga on human health and well-being, this conference serves as a bridge between the ancient wisdom of yoga and the modern scientific understanding of its mechanisms....
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Shiva's Hologram: The Maheshwara Sutra Online Course
Online Course with Padma Prakasha Starting 2024 March 2 Saturday, 3pm CET / 2pm UK / 6am PST The Maheshwara Sutra is the key teaching on sound consciousness in the Vedic tradition, given by Shiva after his iconic dance of destruction and creation. It is the clearest exposition of the world being created by sound vibration that has ever been recorded. The Maheshwara Sutra and the Sounds of Creation are the Original Yoga of Sound, vibrational medicine, and sound healing. They create the very structure of creation itself. The Maheshwara Sutra is an entire ancient healing system from Vedic times returning to Earth now as a pathway into Embodiment and Transcendence through Sound, Vibrational Medicine and Inner Tantra....

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