Dimensions of Love: 7 Steps to God brings forth new and sometimes radical truths for the soul into the 21st century. In the souls journey, we all move through 7 Spheres or Dimensions. Each Sphere has clear signs, lessons, opportunities and emotions that show us where we really are on our souls journey, where we need to go and how to get there.

The Sufis, Christ, and St Theresa of Avila shared these seven steps, and in Dimensions of Love they are brought together to help us see what it takes for us to awaken today. .
Knowing where we can get stuck on the souls journey, and the tests, glamours and temptations that distract us on our Path helps us navigate through this world, and the world of the soul. Knowing the Signs and certainties of each dimension allows us to enjoy the path we are on and accelerate our souls growth.

Each Sphere holds ever increasing, vaster amounts of love, with this love gradually becoming part of the very fabric of your soul. As we drink in this Love, It inexorably transforms our human soul into the Homo Luminus: A Divine HU-man.

Following divine laws so simple a child could understand them, through holy desire one reaches Union with the Beloved. This involves deep humility and a steadfast anchoring into the centre of your own pure soul, along the way feeling all the emotions you have never dared to feel, all the emotions you have denied, projected or become victim of.\

To Realise and embody the souls love, we need to realize what love is, what it is not, and our beliefs and wounds around love. We often substitute human love for Divine Love, which leads to many problems in the world today. Divine Love is the foundation for our human love to reach its true potential in our partnerships, families and all our relationships. Yet our love for our closest ones and the issues that arise with them, has our own reflections at their heart.

Divine Love nurtures the growth of all other forms of human love into their ultimate potential. Divine Love is the most powerful, transformative and alchemical Power in all universes. Your desires are powerful, and desire for God is the most powerful; angels look on in awe and appreciation when a human truly desires God, as this desire is a beacon that God and Her helpers cannot ignore.

In Dimensions of Love, drawn from Sufi and Christ Conscious Wisdom, discover:

  • The difference between the soul and the spirit
  • The Five Deaths to face before entering Union with the Divine
  • The deeper meaning of the Prayer Christ gave to us to enter Union with God.
  • The Seven Steps into God