Many of us have heard about the negative effects of 5G as an ‘extinction level event,’ a ‘health catastrophe” and the 5G Technology danger. Until now, there have been very few solutions shared about this dilemma. In this important video I share 5G Solutions that you can action today, so we can rise above this so called ‘extinction event’ as a collective, and what this all means in the bigger picture. 


There is no need to fear. It is an opportunity for us to all evolve, grow and awaken because we have to.

A full written article about 5G Evolutionary Solutions is here: https://medium.com/@padmaaonprakasha/…


If you would like to purchase any of the music tracks featured in this film as a form of vibrational healing to help with raising your frequency above 5G frequencies go to the music page on this website. Songs used are from the albums ‘Life Cycles’ ‘Souls Guide To Birth’ and ‘Music for Christ Consciousness.’