The Souls Birth is a unique set of vibrational soundscapes where science and the soul, emotion and technology, come together to expand consciousness. The Soul’s Birth merges the science of psycho-acoustic frequencies with Indian Nada Yoga and Aramaic sacred sound.

The Soul’s Birth creates vibrational handrails or reference points in the body, emotions and mind to guide the different stages of a heart-centred conscious pregnancy and birth. It has been designed to return you into the primordial space of the Womb: where we come from, and a safe space for relaxation, primal meditation and deep rest into your essence.

Psycho acoustic science measures the frequencies at which objects vibrate. Water molecules have a certain frequency, as does the earth, the stars and the organs in our body. The different movements of birth, pregnancy and their resonant frequencies are woven throughout each soundscape, Together, science and spirit provide subliminal vibrational guidance into accessing our higher potentials and new possibilities.

Listen to The Soul’s Birth whilst creating art, in pregnancy and labour, in bodywork, healing, Shakti work and womb-hara opening. The frequencies, sounds, prayers and mantras on The Soul’s Birth help your consciousness and nervous system wed with the body: to Embody your Self.