I’m truly grateful for Padma coming into my life. Through him, and his incredible mentors, everything that my soul has desired has either manifested or is manifesting. I hadn’t even heard of him or his books or his work until I met my partner, who was a big fan. I didn’t really get what it was all about, but I felt it. All I knew is that I had to be in Egypt with him and his team for his journey in 2017.

Now I know why, because I had some deeply profound healing there and one-in-a-lifetime experiences… experiences that I had been seeking my whole life. We had many blissful healing moments at sacred temples and were cracked open deeper to love, and to the divine. My partner also had some very cathartic transformations – and we came together in a deeper space of love than we had experienced before. During this tour we conceived our son too. We didn’t realise this is what happened until weeks later when we did our test. So, our son would literally not be coming if it wasn’t for Padma!

He held such a sacred space on the journey, and it allowed me to go deeeep and release a lot of anger, guilt, shame and start reclaiming aspects of my soul that had been lost for so long. Throughout our pregnancy it has been very tumultuous, and through Padma we have been able to move through sooo much that was holding us back. Padma stepped in to support us with our pregnancy and bringing our son into the world consciously. His support has been incredible and I find him to be very trustworthy, and is definitely someone that I would welcome into my son’s life — who I’m sure I will be very protective of.

Padma is a mentor, and now also feels like an old friend and brother to me. He is also hilarious and cracks me up. I have only had positive experiences with him and look forward to many more adventures ahead, and would recommend him to anyone that is ready for it!