As a teacher I found Padma to be truthful, direct, loving and absolutely dedicated to his own path of healing and soul embodiment. His teachings were profound and I resonated. What he taught made sense to me and it worked. The retreat was so healing and thanks to Padma I healed a very deep wound during that time. I can also say that everyone else on that retreat only had positive things to say about the retreat and Padma also.

He then begun working personally with myself and my partner a few months ago during my pregnancy to support us in a soulful pregnancy and birth. During this time we have gotten to know Padma more personally. He is a very generous, kind, caring man who has supported me, my partner, our relationship and the soul of our child in beautiful ways. I feel much gratitude for Padma and for his love, wisdom and support. After studying and becoming qualified in many modalities over the past 15 years, Padma’s work has definitely had the greatest impact on me and results of transformation.