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3 Day Live Transmission Immersion Workshop with Padma Aon Prakasha

When: 24, 25, 26 November 2023 9am-5pm

Where: Utrecht, Netherlands Europe

Practical info and location will be shared by e-mail after registration.

Price: 399 GBP Payable through Paypal here. If you wish to do a direct bank transfer (UK or Europe), contact Aina for bank details.


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3 Day Live Transmission Immersion Workshop with Padma Aon Prakasha 24-26 November 2023 in Utrecht, Netherlands, Europe.

The I AM is your inner guru and guide, living in the Present Moment, the Presence of your true Self. I AM is the bridge that opens the doors to all dimensions and is the gatekeeper to all chakras, the connector between all parts of you.

I AM gathers together all your different inner voices, all the different parts of you, and leads them into fulfillment. The I AM is the One central pillar and guide of all parts of you. Immersing in the I AM helps you to be fully yourSelf!

The I AM Light Body is a pure Presence untouched by karma, memory, evolution or devolution. Connecting into its peace, light, Presence and love is a sublime and profound opening into stillness of heart and mind.

The teachings that Christ Yeshua gave to humanity to bring us into this Sovereign Self I AM are encoded through the heart powered sound and light technologies of the sacred language of Aramaic. These 7 Great Mantras of I AM encoded into the Gospel of John are secret teachings designed to guide people into the I AM: the gateway into the One in all.

These 7 Codes of the I AM Light Body reveal the organic light of the Divine Human Blueprint in the physical body, igniting the divine matrix within you.

The I AM Codes can also be used to reclaim parts of yourself that are buried, wounded, forgotten and unknown in order to integrate them into your lived human life.

They can also be used to integrate the divine sparks. Kabbalah says that when the world was created, these sparks were scattered throughout creation. Our soul purpose is to cognise and liberate these sparks by bringing them back together as guided by the I AM.

Every life experience, situation, relationship, person…all has the divine spark within it. Wherever you go, whatever you see, there is a divine spark within it that you can access, that gives you a deeper understanding of yourself, life, and your greatest Self: the I AM. The most direct, simple and accessible ways for us to tune into these divine sparks and to reclaim parts of us are through the heart, and sound.

I would like to invite you to a 3-day Transmission workshop, where you will immerse in the experience of these 7 I AM Light Body Codes. Using somatic breath in specific chakra flows, we will engineer ourselves into the Unity Grids that all enlightened beings inhabit, using Codes Christ gave to us.


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